Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection Game

Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  • Developer: Arkadium, Microsoft Casual Games, Smoking Gun Interactive
  • Genre: Card Game
  • Version: 4.16.3141.1
User Rating: Rating 4.40

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Release Date
Oct 26, 2012
Arkadium, Microsoft Casual Games, Smoking Gun Interactive
Microsoft Studios
Card Game
Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android


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Jacob Phillips

Microsoft Solitaire Collection on PC delivers a variety of games that will surely rekindle your love for solo card gaming. Each game has been thoroughly optimized to ensure seamless gameplay and fantastic visuals suitable for modern screens and devices.

Engaging Gameplay

Eager to get Microsoft Solitaire Collection? You'll be delighted to know that each game in this collection remains true to its classic roots while introducing modern twists. These include daily challenges and special events that keep gameplay fresh and exciting. This added dimension ensures constant engagement and interaction between the user and the application.

The Nuances of the Gameplay

The gameplay has been updated to accommodate a more casual gaming style, perfect for relaxing during a break or engaging in a bit of leisurely competition. It is an excellent game that offers comprehensive tutorials for newcomers, making it simple to learn how to Microsoft Solitaire Collection play now without extensive card experience.


There isn't a specific storyline for Microsoft Solitaire Collection; you can play the game at your own pace. However, daily challenges and special events keep things interesting and promote continued progression.

Visual Mastery

If you decide to download and install Microsoft Solitaire Collection, its visually stunning interface will promptly catch your eye. The graphics are a significant upgrade from earlier versions, offering clean, sharp imagery that highlights the beauty of each card and board. Animated transitions offer a dynamic gaming experience on any Microsoft Solitaire Collection for laptop (Windows 10)

Color and Carving

The flush colors and intricate carvings on the cards contribute to the game's overall visual appeal. This attention to detail ensures that every game is as visually rewarding as it is enjoyable to play.

Absolute Audio

The sound design of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection game complements the graphical improvements. The crisp, clear sounds of drawing, flipping, and placing cards simulate the feel of a real-life solitaire. Shuffling cards and completing sets generate satisfying sound effects that enhance the gaming experience.

Tactile Controls

The controls for MS Solitaire Collection for free are straightforward. The user-friendly interface allows easy navigation between different games and settings, while the intuitive drag-and-drop mechanism for moving cards provides an engaging, tactile feel to gameplay.

A Seamless Experience

Easily change between games and rules via the game's responsive interface. Whether you're using a traditional mouse or a touch screen, the Microsoft Solitaire Collection app offers a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

Convenient Availability

You can easily enjoy this fantastic game with a Microsoft Solitaire Collection download. It is available across multiple platforms ensuring its accessibility for all kinds of players. Moreover, the simplicity of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection install process is impressive. It does not require any sophisticated technical knowledge, making it user-friendly.

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of card games, the game Microsoft Solitaire Collection is definitely worth exploring. It presents a fantastic mix of classic Solitaire games with a modern twist. The vibrant graphics, amazing sound, and intuitive gameplay promise an unforgettable gaming experience. Delve into a world of intriguing card puzzles and enjoy every moment!

In conclusion, Microsoft Solitaire Collection for free to download is a top-notch gaming application that revitalizes classic card games with modern aesthetics and exciting new modes. Its visuals, sound design, and controls all contribute to an overall engaging and satisfying card gaming experience. Whether you're a solitaire veteran or a card game novice, this collection will surely keep you entertained and mentally stimulated.


  • Classic solitaire game play that is easy to understand and enjoyable
  • Wide variety of solitaire games to choose from, including Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks, and Pyramid
  • Excellent graphics, animations, and sound effects
  • Daily Challenges to compete against other players
  • Rewards and achievements to keep players engaged
  • Ability to customize background and card backs
  • Cross-platform support for both Windows 10 and Xbox One


  • No online multiplayer capability
  • Limited customization options for the game board and cards
  • Ads are intrusive and can be distracting
  • Lack of leaderboards or competitive elements

FAQ About the Microsoft Solitaire Collection Game

  • Can I enjoy this game without spending any money?

    Yes, absolutely! Microsoft provides the free Microsoft Solitaire Collection. This allows gamers to enjoy this classic card game without having to worry about any additional charges.

  • How do I get it on my computer?

    To get this game on your PC, you'll need to install Microsoft Solitaire Collection for free. The process is very straightforward. You'd simply need to access our website and then click on the 'Install' button. The game will then automatically be downloaded and installed on your system.

  • I am having trouble installing the game on my computer. What should I do?

    If you face any difficulties while trying to install it, then you might need to download Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Windows directly from our website. Consider checking if your PC meets the minimum system requirements. Then, follow the instructions provided on the website to successfully install the game.

  • I have never played Solitaire before. Can I still play this game?

    Certainly! The objective is simple - you need to move all cards of each suit in ascending order to the foundation piles. As you play Microsoft Solitaire Collection more and more, you'll understand the complexity of different strategies and start developing your own unique methods. Plus, it offers tutorials for each variant to help you get started.

  • What if I am encountering issues with it after installation?

    To address any problems after installation, you can try reinstalling the entire game. Uninstall and install MS Solitaire Collection again. If the problems persist, consider contacting Microsoft support for technical assistance.

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